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Peperomia String of Turtles

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Peperomia prostrata or more commonly known as the String of Turtles is a gorgeous trailing plant known for the variegated patterns on its leaves that resemble a turtle’s shell. Perfect for hanging baskets, terrariums and indoors.

13cm Pots
Pair with our small pots

How to care for your String of Turtles:
Bright indirect light
Keep out of direct sunlight
They don’t like too much water - Water really well then let completely dry out before watering again. They will turn into mush if you overwater
Pots & Hanging baskets

Their leaves are very delicate and can fall off quite easily, so they are best to be in a spot where they aren’t bumped. They have a shallow root system so they can go for a long time without being re-potted. They must be in a small pot with good drainage and they like to be slightly pot-bound.

Please note
Our plants are shipped in their nursery pots as you see in the photos. Plants ordered may differ slightly as not every plant is the same. The plant you receive may vary slightly in size, colour, and shape. Please take care when choosing your plants as some are poisonous to people and animals. Decorative pots and plants are all sold separately.