How to Start a Indoor Plant Collection

The choice of indoor plants can be overwhelming. If you are new to indoor plants or moving into a new home start out small and get the feel of your rooms. Take note of the light, temperature, and space. This can take some time, but it will set you up to find the right plant for the right space. Being new to plants means we start with those that look great but are hard to kill.

Follow our plant care pages once you have purchased your plants for tips, tricks, and support to start your indoor jungle journey!


Devils Ivy

A simple plant to grow and looks so amazing cascading from shelves or in hanging baskets. They are very tough plants and will survive in dimly lit areas but prefer indirect bright light. This would be the plant you would pick to fill a dark corner.

They are happy to be in a hanging pot or sit on a high shelf to trail, but you can also train them up a totem pole, wall or across a surface. Use clear stick-on hooks that are typically for hanging pictures to guide your plant wherever you like!

Generally, you can water your Ivy when the top 2cm of soil is dry. The time between watering will vary depending on the season, but it could be as often as once a week in the peak of summer or once a month in the dead of winter. The best thing about this plant is that it will wilt when it needs to be watered.



Spoilt for choice with these plants but a great one to start with is Hoya Carnosa. It’s an easy to grow trailing plant that will climb. Hoyas can be trained on a trellis, climb across a wall, or cascade out of a hanging basket. They are incredibly low maintenance plants with dark green waxy leaves and beautiful fragrant porcelain looking flowers.

The Hoya Carnosa doesn’t like to be kept wet so check before watering well. Push your finger into the soil about 2cm, and if the soil is dry, water, if not, leave it. Hoya's flower from the same place every year, so do not pick them or prune.


Chain of Hearts

The Chain of Hearts is an easy-care plant. The Hearts love light but not direct sunlight. They are a trailing plant that love to hang from baskets, shelves, or mantles. They need watering when the soil is completely dry, and they do not require misting. These plants really love well-drained succulent soil mix.

The Chain of Hearts is great to style with as you stagger trailing plants in empty corners from above! Install stable hangers in your ceiling and select a few trailing plants to add colour and texture.



Philodendron Jessica & Philodendron Prince of Orange

Philodendron care is easy as they adapt well to their conditions. They love indirect light, which means they can be close to a window if the sun does not touch their foliage. Water when the top 2cm of soil is dry and let them drain well as they will rot if you let them sit in water. Grouping these bring wonderful pops of colour to your room.


Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina has variegated green and silvery striped foliage with a deep bright purple on the underside of the leaves. It is a gorgeous plant that loves light, but it must be indirect to avoid the leaves burning. The more natural sunlight, the more purple the plant's leaves will be. The soil needs to be kept moist but not too wet. Water well when the top 2cm of soil is dry. The Tradescantia Zebrina is a trailing plant, perfect for hanging pots, shelves, and mantles. They will always capture you eye with the striking contrast of colours.



May 08, 2021 — Julianne Blackaby

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