The Perfect Aroid Mix for Thriving Indoor Plants


If you're a plant enthusiast, you know that providing your indoor plants with the right mix of nutrients is essential for their overall health and growth. At Chalet Boutique, we understand the importance of a well-balanced medium for your indoor plants. That's why we've come up with a Simple Three Ingredient Aroid Mix that will nourish your plants and help them flourish. Read on to discover the magic behind this easy recipe!

Corse Perlite

Ingredient #1: Perlite (1 Part)

Perlite, a lightweight and porous mineral, is a key component of our Aroid Mix. Its unique structure allows excess water to drain away efficiently, preventing overwatering and root rot—a common issue with indoor plants. Despite its drainage prowess, perlite retains some moisture and essential nutrients, creating a balanced environment that keeps your plants hydrated without becoming waterlogged.

Another advantage of perlite is its resilience against compaction. Its harder texture helps keep the surrounding soil loose and airy, facilitating better aeration for your plant's root system. By incorporating perlite into our Aroid Mix, we ensure that your medium remains optimally aerated, promoting healthy root growth and overall plant vigour. If you can, buy the Coarse Perlite. It does tend to come in 45L bags, but, if you are investing to make a large quantity, the coarse is the best to use.

Where to buy:

Brunnings 5L Perlite - Bunnings

Debco Professional Perlite 5L - Mitre 10

Go to your local garden nursery and ask for their Perlite.

Premium Potting Mix

Ingredient #2: Premium Potting Mix (1 Part)

A premium potting mix serves as an excellent companion to perlite in our Aroid Mix. A premium potting mix is carefully formulated with a balanced mix of essential nutrients, providing your plants with the sustenance they need to thrive. With a blend of organic matter and minerals, potting mix supports robust plant growth, ensuring your indoor plants receive the best care possible.

One of the most significant advantages of a premium potting mix is its moisture-retaining capabilities. It strikes the right balance, neither holding too much water nor letting it drain too quickly. This feature complements the drainage property of perlite, creating an ideal environment for your aroids to establish healthy root systems and maintain lush foliage.

Where to buy:

Go to your local garden nursery and ask for their indoor premium potting mix.

Searles Premium Potting Mix - Mitre 10

Chunky Orchid Bark

Ingredient #3: Chunky Orchid Bark (2 Parts)

To complete our Aroid Mix, we've included chunky orchid bark—a natural and effective way to enhance aeration within the medium. This organic material mimics the natural environment of aroids, promoting the development of stronger and hardier root systems. The increased airflow within the medium prevents the roots from becoming waterlogged and reduces the risk of root diseases.

The chunky texture of orchid bark also aids in preventing compaction, ensuring that your medium remains well-structured and provides ample space for root growth. By incorporating this ingredient into our Aroid Mix, we create an environment that closely resembles the aroids' natural habitat, helping them adapt and thrive in an indoor setting.

We recommend:

Searles Dendrobium Orchid Specialty Mix 30L - Mitre 10

Where to buy:

Southern Tasmania:

Clennett’s Mitre 10

Northern Tasmania:

Allans Nursery Prospect

Legana Plants Plus

Glebe Gardens

Becks Mitre 10

Exeter Mitre 10

North West, Tasmania:

Cape View Nursery

Devonport Nursery

Riverview Nursery

East Coast, Tasmania:

St Helens Mitre10 can order it in

With our Simple Three Ingredient Aroid Mix, you can rest assured that your indoor plants will receive the best care possible. The combination of perlite, premium potting mix, and chunky orchid bark creates an ideal medium that supports healthy growth, robust root systems, and vibrant foliage for your aroids. At Chalet Boutique, we believe in simplicity and efficacy—this Aroid Mix is a testament to that philosophy. Give it a try and watch your indoor aroids flourish like never before! Happy planting!

March 10, 2022 — Emma Kelt

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