Growing indoor plants in water has become so popular we put together a step-by-step guide. Water plants make wonderful living gifts.

Select Your Plant

Remove plant carefully from the pot. You are shaking soil from the roots carefully to remove the larger pieces. After you have removed as much as you can, wash the roots thoroughly until there is no soil left. You can use a soft toothbrush, but we stress carefully remove the dirt. Take off any dead or yellow foliage that would rot in the water.

Select your Container

Place your cutting into the propagation container and fill your container with room temperature distilled/tap water, so most of the plant roots are submerged. The leaves need to be out of the water, and some of the roots can be above water to get oxygen.

Refresh the water once a week. Keep an eye out for murkiness or fungus growing. Wash under running water and clean the vessel. Some people put pebbles on the bottom of the container or an inverted shot glass to hold up the plant. Stones must be washed weekly as well.



Place your cutting in a warm location with bright indirect light (avoid direct/low light). Now for the most challenging part, wait patiently for your cutting to sprout roots. This could take weeks to several months, depending on the plant.


The fine water roots are visible. These roots are different and are fragile. You should not be adding any sort of fertiliser to your cutting if it is in the beginning stages of forming a root system.


Once your root system is established, you can add a few drops of liquid fertiliser for hydroponics.
  • We are using 5ml per litre of growth technology CCS Clonex Clone solution (order online). It is a premium nutrient for cuttings and seedlings once a month. Replace the nutrient solution and the water every 4-6 weeks.


If you start to see algae growing on your plant or vessel, you may need to check if it is getting too much direct light.  You can correct this by rinsing the plant and vessel or cover the glass for a week or two to starve the algae from the light.
May 08, 2021 — Julianne Blackaby

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