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When I found out I was pregnant and we were setting up our nursery, one of the things I had to think carefully about was what plants I could use in our baby’s room!

We welcomed Florence just over 16 months ago. I wanted her room to be touched by nature and tranquil. I knew I wanted plants in her nursery, but I was aware that as she grew, I needed to select plants that would not harm her. She might decide to randomly have a chew or tip over a plant if she toddled in her Wonky Donkey style. This being the case, it is essential that your choice of plants for the nursery are safe for both your baby’s health and your peace of mind.

Boston Fern Indoor Plant

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata)

This is a hardy fern and safe for children. It requires a cool, humid spot with indirect sunlight so would be perfect in a nursery! Boston Ferns have frilly leaves and long hanging fronds and look gorgeous in hanging planters. Watch out for our variegated version coming soon!

Parlour Palm indoor plant

Parlour Palm (Chamaedorea elegans)

The Parlour Palm is the taller plant in this photo. It is non-toxic for children and pets. It is a slow growing palm that loves low-light and the big bonus is it doesn’t need too much watering!

Spider Indoor Plant

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Cosmosum)

The Spider Plant is super tough and safe for children and pets. Nobody should be able to destroy it! It is extremely popular because it is easy to care for and features beautiful grass-like leaves ranging from pale to emerald green. It grows up to 60cm and has long narrow leaves. It grows baby plants that dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web which can be easily propagated.

Coleus Indoor Plant

Coleus (Plectranthus Scutellarioides)

Safe for children and pets, this hardy plant is a colourful addition to the nursery. The Coleus plant varies in shape, size and colouration.  You cannot go wrong no matter what colour you choose.

Peperomia Indoor plant

Peperomia (all types)

Peperomias of all types are safe for children and pets. Peperomia plants like shadier places during summer, but in winter need as much light as possible. The plants need pruning in the warmer season to keep them flourishing. Let the soil dry out before watering again.

This is just a small selection I have put together. There are many other plants you could consider but always check if the plants are safe for children and pets. You could try trailing plants and place them high on shelving or ceiling hooks and use hanging planters – there are so many options!

Emma x 

October 27, 2020 — Emma Kelt
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