Premium Aroid Mix Recipe for Indoor Plants

By Emma Kelt

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Premium Aroid Mix RecipePerfect for Syngoniums, Philodendrons, Monsteras, Scindapsus, Begonia, Maranta, Epipremnum, Hoyas and more!

Aroids have become highly collectable among indoor plant enthusiasts for their captivating foliage and distinctive growth patterns. Whether it's a Monstera deliciosa or a variegated Philodendron, these plants can turn any living space into a tropical jungle. A premium aroid mix is essential to bring out the best in your indoor plants and provide them with an environment conducive to their growth. We have put together a handy guide to help you through the process of crafting the ultimate premium aroid mix, ensuring your indoor plants thrive to their fullest potential.

Our Aroid mix recipe is the perfect blend for your aroids. It involves selecting components to optimise health, drainage, aeration, and nutrition. Here's the recipe for the ultimate, easy premium aroid mix:

 Chunky Orchid Bark | Premium Aroid Mix Recipe

Chunky Orchid Bark: 3 parts (30%)

Acting as the mix's backbone, chunky orchid bark ensures superb drainage while providing structural support. The larger bark pieces create air pockets within the soil, promoting optimal aeration and root health. This foundational component prevents waterlogged conditions, safeguarding your aroids from common issues like root rot.

We recommend:

Searles Dendrobium Orchid Specialty Mix 30L - Mitre 10

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Southern Tasmania:
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Allans Nursery Prospect
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Cape View Nursery
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Coarse Perlite | Premium Aroid Mix Recipe

Coarse Perlite: 2 parts (20%)

Perlite is a lightweight mineral that enhances drainage and aeration. Its porous nature maintains an ideal moisture balance by preventing water retention. Including perlite in the mix facilitates quick drainage, reducing the risk of root diseases and providing a modern touch to the blend.

Where to buy:

Brunnings 5L Perlite - Bunnings

Debco Professional Perlite 5L - Mitre 10

Horticultural Charcoal | Premium Aroid Mix Recipe

Horticultural Charcoal: 1 part (10%)

Serving as a natural filter, horticultural charcoal absorbs impurities and toxins, ensuring a clean environment for your aroids' roots. Additionally, it helps ward off any unwelcome odours that may arise in the potting mix. This ingredient remains crucial for the overall health of your plants.

Where to buy:

We recommend Debco Horticultural Charcoal 5L - Mitre 10

Premium Potting Mix | Premium Aroid Mix Recipe

Premium Potting Mix or Worm Castings 2 parts (20%)

Worm castings or a high-quality premium potting mix inject essential nutrients into the blend. These components offer the organic matter and trace elements needed for robust growth. Worm castings introduce beneficial microorganisms to the soil, enhancing nutrient availability for your plants. You can use 1 part of each, or 2 parts of one.

Coco Coir Chips | Premium Aroid Mix Recipe

Where to buy Premium Potting Mix:

Go to your local garden nursery and ask for their indoor premium potting mix.

Searles Premium Potting Mix - Mitre 10

Coco Chips: 1 part (10%)

Coco chips bring moisture retention properties to the mix, preventing rapid drying. This component creates a stable environment for the roots, aiding in water distribution and nutrient absorption. A modern touch to balance the blend, coco chips complement the overall mix.

Mixing Houseplant Soil | Premium Aroid Mix Recipe

Mixing Instructions

  1. Prioritise safety by wearing protective gear such as gloves, eye protection and a mask to prevent inhaling particles during mixing.
  2. Measure out the specified quantities of each ingredient according to the premium aroid mix recipe.
  3. Combine chunky orchid bark, coarse perlite, and horticultural charcoal in a large container. Thoroughly mix these components to achieve an even distribution.
  4. Gradually introduce premium potting mix, ensuring it blends seamlessly into the mixture.
  5. Finally, incorporate coco chips into the mix for a well-rounded blend.

This premium aroid mix recipe blends essential ingredients in optimal proportions, providing an ideal growing medium for your rare indoor plants. Your aroids will thrive with proper drainage, aeration, nutrition, and moisture retention, showcasing their stunning foliage. Recognise the unique role each component plays in your plants' overall health, and investing time in creating this modern mix will undoubtedly yield satisfying results. Armed with this updated knowledge, embark on the journey of providing the ultimate home for your cherished aroid collection.

Happy potting!

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January 06, 2024 — Emma Kelt

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