Growth Technology CCS Clonex Clone Solution 250ml

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Growth Technology, Clonex Clone Solution is a clone-specific nutrient, formulated using a special blend of minerals and vitamins. It is a fertiliser for plant cuttings and seedlings while the rooting hormone encourages rapid root growth to quickly and efficiently establish the plant. Perfect for any medium - especially water propagations!

Unrivalled results when used in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel to encourage rapid root development while helping to minimise stress. Unlike competitive products, Clonex Clone Solution is highly concentrated.

How to Use Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution

Cuttings & Seedlings in Aroid Mix, Soil Medium, Vermiculite & Perlite
Dilute 5ml of Clonex Clone Solution into 1L of water and stir well. Gently water cuttings and seedlings with diluted CCS at weekly intervals. As the plant advances in growth, the dilution rate can be increased slowly up to 10ml per litre. DO NOT EXCEED 10ml per litre of water. You can CCS in conjunction with Vermiculite & Perlite; mix as above and use as you would use water. 

Water propagations
Dilute 5ml of Clonex Clone Solution into 1L of water and stir well. Place cutting in Clonex Clone Solution. Make up fresh CCS with every water change.

Semi Hydro
Dilute 5ml of Clonex Clone Solution into 1L of water and stir well. When propagating in water or semi-hydro, in standing water (rather than with an air stone or circulation), refresh with new cloning solution at least weekly.

Tips for Fresh Cuttings
For even better results: Dip the fresh cutting in Clonex gel first to seal fresh cuttings, reduce the risk of rot, and speed up initial root formation.

SIZE: 250ml


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Awesome rooting hormone, loving the GT brand.


Such an amazing product works extremely well and got better results than expected













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