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Ctenanthe Setosa (Grey Star) Collection Only

Ctenanthe Setosa (Grey Star) Collection Only

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'Grey Star' has large silvery green leaves with green veins and deep purple/red undersides. If you decide to include this species in your houseplant collection, it will be a show-stopper! If given the right conditions, the 'Grey Star' can easily reach a height of one metre.
Collection only
13cm nursery pot
Pair with our Large Pots

How to care for a Ctenanthe Setosa (Grey Star):
Indirect bright light but not direct sunlight.
Place in a warm position.
Water when the top 5cm of the pot is dry.
Keep on the drier side during the cooler months.
Use well-draining soil.

Please note
Our plants are shipped in their nursery pots as you see in the photos unless stated. Sometimes plants may have blemishes on the foliage. Blemishes won't affect the overall health or future growth of the plant; this is just the nature of plants sometimes. Plants ordered may differ slightly as not every plant is the same and the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, colour, and shape. Please take care when choosing your plants as some are poisonous to people and animals. Decorative pots and plants are all sold separately.