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Syngonium Red Spot Tricolour

Syngonium Red Spot Tricolour

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Syngonium Red Spot Tricolour is a rare plant that every Syngonium or rare plant collector is familiar with. The Syngonium Red Spot Tricolour is one of the most highly desired varieties of Syngonium. The plant has various combinations of white and green leaves with red spots that stand out. In addition to this, it can contain all three colours on each leaf. In my experience of growing many of these plants, they will produce pink leaves, green and white spotted leaves, pink and white leaves, and every combination in-between.

Prices start from $750

How to care for a Syngonium Red Spot Tricolour:
Bright indirect light
Keep away from direct sunlight or the leaves will burn
Keep moist but not wet
Loves an airy and chunky aroid mix
Water when the top 5cm of medium feels dry
Loves humidity at 70-80%
Keep warm at 20-25deg

Syngonium Red Spot Tricolour is a tropical plant that needs to receive bright light. It needs indirect sunlight during the winter to thrive. Indoors, it will not do well with too much light because it will start to shade its leaves and stop producing the green colouring.

Please note
As with any variegated plant, we cannot guarantee continued variegation. Our plants are shipped in their nursery pots as you see in the photos unless stated. Sometimes plants may have blemishes on the foliage. Blemishes won't affect the overall health or future growth of the plant; this is just the nature of plants sometimes. Plants ordered may differ slightly as not every plant is the same and the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, colour, and shape. Please take care when choosing your plants as some are poisonous to people and animals. Decorative pots and plants are all sold separately.