Growth Technology Rootzone 1L


Growth Technology Rootzone 1L is an organic additive that can be used throughout the plant's entire life cycle along with nutrients. It is composed of a blend of marine and plant extracts, fulvic acid, and a small amount of thiamine and potassium to support healthy root development. The concept behind Growth Technology Rootzone 1L is grounded in nature's rules, which dictate that optimal root health leads to optimal plant health and growth. Growth Technology Rootzone 1L does not merely foster explosive root growth but also stimulates overall plant development. Despite being in the works for a while, the reason for the extended development of Growth Technology Rootzone 1L is our focus on perfecting our first venture into organic nutrients, given our history of working with mineral nutrition. Twelve in-house trials and 97 external trials have verified Growth Technology Rootzone 1L as a legitimate game-changer.


Add to your regular liquid fertiliser such as Growth Technology Foliage Focus or Growth Technology Complete Focus.

Cuttings & Seedlings: 0.5ml per litre of water + your regular liquid fertiliser

Juvenile and Mature: 1 ml per litre of water + your regular liquid fertiliser

Your Questions Answered:
What’s the difference between the Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution and Growth Technology Rootzone?
Rootzone is an additive. CCS is a full spectrum nutrient with root promotors added – it is designed to give plants the best possible start.

If you use Growth Technology Foliage Focus and Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution together, can you also add in Growth Technology Rootzone?
It is recommend replacing the CCS with the Rootzone when using on mature plants. Using all three together could overfeeding the plant.

I’m using Growth Technology Foliage Focus, Growth Technology Complete Focus and Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution should you swap out Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution and add the Growth Technology Rootzone?
Yes, that is what is recommend.

What’s in Growth Technology Rootzone that isn’t in Growth Technology Foliage Focus?
Growth Technology Rootzone is not a full profile nutrient, it is an additive. You should not only use Growth Technology Rootzone on your plants, it is to be used as an additive to Growth Technology Foliage Focus or whatever full profile nutrient you are using. Growth Technology Rootzone contains Marine and plant extracts plus a bit of thiamine and potassium thrown in for good measure.

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Care Guide

How to use Growth Technology Rootzone?
Dilute at an appropriate dilution rate and stir well. Please remember that Rootzone is a supplement, it is to be used in conjunction with your fertiliser.
Mix together with your regular liquid fertiliser.

Usage dose recommended by Growth Technology:

Cuttings & Seedlings: 0.5ml per litre of water + your regular liquid fertiliser

Juvenile and Mature: 1 ml per litre of water + your regular liquid fertiliser

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Please take care when choosing your plants, as some are poisonous to people and animals. Decorative pots and plants are all sold separately.

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