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What are the dots on the back of my Piper plant leaves?

Piper plants and the mysteries of exudate, the natural crystals gracing the back of their leaves, often mistaken for pests. Delve into the plant's defense secrets and discover the entirely natural essence behind these intriguing features.
January 09, 2024 — Emma Kelt
What are these brown dots on my philodendron?

What are these brown dots on my Philodendron?

Decoding Brown Dots on Your Philodendron Leaves: Philodendrons, beloved for their lush beauty and ease of care, sometimes raise concerns with the emergence of brown dots. In this article, we demystify these dots – from rust spots to water burns, fertiliser issues, and the enigmatic extrafloral nectaries. Learn to identify, treat, and appreciate these occurrences, ensuring your philodendron thrives in all its glory.