Chalet Clicks Plants to home
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Plants over the internet find willing buyers

As featured in the Examiner Newspaper

Saturday October 30th 2021

Hobart mother and daughter team, Emma Kelt and Julianne Blackaby, are building a unique online indoor plant nursery.

Their Chalet Boutique specialises in domestic, rare and unusual tropical plants and aims to be the go-to online plant nursery site.

“We operate across Australia but our major clients are based in Tasmania.” Says Emma.

“Chalet Boutique hand picks every plant for our clients and the packaging and shipping has been outstanding”.

“We have had so many comments on the unique way in which the plants are sent and cared for.

“Our mission is to make the experience of discovering the plant as amazing as the plant themselves.”

The business began a year ago and was going to be a shopfront, until COVID intervened.

“This has been such a game-changer. Online plant selling is popular as clients love their products delivered to their door.” Says Emma.

“They receive plant care cards specific to their selections when shipped and have plant care resources from our website to support them through getting their plants establishes.


“We want our clients to keep their plants alive and not have a dead plant to replace often.”

Emma and Julianne also love the fact that plants provide lush foliage, and help style homes and workplaces.

“The time of lockdown has shown us that people want and need plants around them.” Emma says.

“The health factors of having plants providing serenity to people who enjoy working on them has been discussed with us often.

“We are successful due to the quality of our plants, the knowledge we have and share with our customers and a genuine love of being a small Tasmanian business.

“We have chosen to work with boutique indoor plant wholesalers in the majority of cases, so we focus on helping small businesses Australia wide,” Emma says.

The Examiner Newspaper

December 23, 2021 — Emma Kelt