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Philodendron Micans

Philodendron Micans

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The philodendron Micans is a vining plant with velvet leaves. Also known as the Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum or the velvetleaf Philodendron. The leaves unfurl as a yellow/green colour with edges of pink. They then start to become velvety in deep green colour with darker purple/red on the undersides. They look amazing trailing from hanging pots or you can grow them up moss poles.

13cm nursery pot
Pair with our medium pots

How to care for a Philodendron Micans:
Bright indirect light
Loves humidity 60-90%
Water when top 3-4cm of soil is dry
Water right the way through and let drain
Don't leave sitting in water
Well-draining soil
Pots & Hanging planters

Please note
Our plants are shipped in their nursery pots as you see in the photos unless stated. Sometimes plants may have blemishes on the foliage. Blemishes won't affect the overall health or future growth of the plant; this is just the nature of plants sometimes. Plants ordered may differ slightly as not every plant is the same and the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, colour, and shape. Please take care when choosing your plants as some are poisonous to people and animals. Decorative pots and plants are all sold separately.