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What To Do When Your Plant Arrives

What to do when my plant arrives in the post?

We have put together a handy guide on how to care for your plant once it arrives in the mail.

The number one step we need you to follow is please do not water your new plant. Why? It will stress your plant even more after its journey to you. It needs to acclimatise and settle into its new environment for at least two weeks. This means don't repot into a new pot either. Just pop it in a nice warm spot and leave it be. 

We water your plant to its ideal conditions before it leaves us. Most plants will arrive within 24 hours so they will not need a water for a week or more unless something is wrong.

If you feel there is something drastically wrong with your plant, please take photos straight away and contact us within 24 hours. When you receive your plant from us, please follow the table below.

What to do when my plant arrives in the mail


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