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This document is a mix of images, web addresses, apps, and text. It will send you to the places we find helpful. There is so much information available on the web, so we thought we would send you to reliable sites. We will also provide some fact sheets for you to copy. Remember to keep your plant labels or refer to Chalet Boutique Plant page for information.

All plants need care, and it is not the same for each plant. Carefully read the nursery tags in their pots or look online to find information on your plants' needs. Knowing about your plant and understanding the environment will help you to have healthy and happy additions to your home or office. We follow the sites provided in the links below, and they offer, quick and easy information. You can go to the plant hub and type in the plant name; or search for your topic.

Spider Plant

General Care for indoor plants

Dust: One of the challenges with indoor plants is the accumulation of dust on their foliage. A simple solution is to put them outside in the rain for a wash. Plants love it! Follow this link for a demonstration;

Humidity: Some plants prefer humid conditions and others dry. A Maidenhair Fern grows well in a bathroom with high humidity levels if there's also lots of light. By contrast, Dracaena Marginata, known as a Dragon Tree, prefers dry conditions. Follow this for more information;

Watering: More plants die by over-watering than under-watering. Check to see if your plant needs to be watered. The best way to do this is to push your finger into the soil to the second knuckle, and if the soil feels dry, water the plant, and if it feels moist, don't. If the tips of leaves are browning, chances are it is overwatered. And never let your plant sit in a saucer of water as it can cause root rot and various fungus issues. Follow this to check what you may need;

Repotting: If the plant seems too big for the pot and the leaves aren't healthy and shiny, the plant may need potting up. Choose a pot the next size up, tease out the roots and backfill with new potting mix. Water in well with a liquid seaweed solution. To see if you are doing the correct thing, check here:

Position: Keep indoor plants away from the direct radiant heaters, hot windows, and warm and cool blasts of air from vents. For you to consider:

 Pests: Scale, mealy bugs, spider mites, fungus gnat, fungus and aphids: These are common pests that affect indoor plants, mainly if they are under stress. Scale can be identified as tiny brown inanimate lumps. If only a few are present, they can be scratched off. However, if the plant is thoroughly infected, use horticultural oil, if appropriate, such as Neem Oil or Yates Rose Gun for mealy bugs, fungus and scale. For Spider Mites you need Kill-a- Mite which you will need to follow the instructions very closely as this is a serious treatment.  A great resource is; . It outlines each pest and the best way to eliminate them using eco-friendly ideas or chemical suggestions.


Other Useful Resources:

The resources we use the most are from ABC Gardening Australia.  Craig Miller-Randle has provided us with an informative set of videos and fact sheets. Everyone can benefit from watching Craig Miller-Randle's ultimate guide to indoor plants. All episodes are on iView.

Or select the relevant episode:

Containers & Potting Mix | Gardening Australia
Location & Light | Indoor Plants | Gardening Australia
Craig Miller-Randle
 Pest Control for Indoor Plants | The Great Indoors | Gardening Australia
ABC Everyday:
We also suggest this set of videos and written information. These are simple and to the point. 




Chalet Boutique:


Apps for you to use with indoor plants:
If you need an app for watering reminders, identifying plants, or styling, you can select as many as you need, but often, they incur a cost. Some are based on Northern Hemisphere data, and the names of plants and seasons could be different. Here are two free Apps to consider.


Plant Life Balance - Australian creation for all indoor plant enthusiasts (Free on App store)

  • Rate your space.
How healthy is the plant making you?
  • Style your space.

Photograph your room. Drag and drop some plants in

  • Get the look that's right for you.

Styled looks.


Flourish- Plant Care Companion. (Free on App store)
  • Flourish is the complete indoor plant companion app designed for those new to indoor gardening who may need help picking new plants for a space or caring for the ones they.

There are so many websites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. Our advice is to read and watch as much as you need. Get to know your plants, and you can always send us an email if you cannot solve your issue.

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